Notifications Instantly on Telegram for OnlyFans

telegram onlyfans

Would you like to be notified when you get a DM or someone going LIVE on OnlyFans? Download “Telegram” to get notifications instantly as the consumer or talent. Now you will never miss your favorite performer during their live shows or that DM you have been waiting for impatiently. Stop checking your emails for OnlyFans responses.

  • Download Telegram App
  • Go to your OnlyFans under “settings” then “notifications”.
  • Get your “Telegram” link
  • Go to “Telegram” app and add it in there.
  • Be careful not to allow Telegram to go into your “Contacts” to keep your privacy that you are on the app.

There are more benefits to “Telegram” like joining groups which we will save for a future topic.

You should be able to receive instant gratification now from Telegram from people who sub to you, or you might sub to them.

If you need further help you can always sub-up to Adult Film Star Network and DM us your questions. We are here to help you on your journey to success.

Author: RebeccaLove